Accelerate your software development career using the

30-Minute Project Framework

Introducing the 30-Minute Project Framework

I was interviewed by the podcast "Senior" Junior Engineer, a podcast geared at helping junior engineers with knowledge and expertise from "senior" engineers.

Listen to me talk about my career and how I created this tool, 30-Minute Project.

Is this you?

Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind your peers?

You know what you should be learning but aren’t sure where to even start?

Do you not know what to do with newfound skills you got from that new tech book you just read?

Can't figure out how to take an idea to full-blown side hustle or main project?

Been receiving less than stellar notes on your performance reviews?

30-Minute Project can help!

No one owes you a great career, it argues; you need to earn it—and the process won’t be easy.

Cal Newport
So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love

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"The 30-Minute Project: How to improve Your Side Project Game to Become a Better Developer"

Side Projects Help You

  • Learn a new technology, technique or stack
  • Build discipline
  • Improve your creativity
  • Improve your focus
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment/achievement

I started a side project three years ago, and it has been one of the best things I have done for my personal and professional growth.

Is 30 Minutes Really Enough?

Yes! But there are a few tricks that I help you with in the course.

  • Being consistent through accountability
  • Quality journaling
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Picking the right project to work on

Minimum viable code. I was forced to write code for no less than 30 minutes a day. (It’s really hard to write meaningful code in less time, especially after remembering where you left off the day before.) Some week days I work a little bit more (usually no more than an hour) and on weekends I’m sometimes able to work a full day.

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"The 30-Minute Project: How to improve Your Side Project Game to Become a Better Developer"

What will you learn?

By using the techniques I’ll teach in 30-Minute Project you can not only learn new skills but setup a foundation for continuous learning for the rest of your career. I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Identify the goals you want to achieve with your self-education
  • Improve your focus so you can achieve more with less time
  • Pick appropriate projects based on your goals
  • Build up your resume and code portfolio (which is becoming more and more important now!)
  • Improve your communication with your team-mates and management

Additionally you’ll learn

  • What deliberate practice is and how to leverage it to improve your skills and learning abilities
  • How to stretch your brain into new areas and what that does for improving yours and others code
  • How to understand little bets and how to incorporate them into your own projects

The Course

This course will help you create a plan for what your side project will be and what goal(s) you want to achieve with your side project. Each course is run as a small cohort of developers for a time-limited period so that everyone can get the most out of it. You will gain additional support and motivation from your cohort group through daily check-ins as well as bouncing ideas off of each other.

At the end of the course you should have a solid framework for doing new side projects as well as made some solid progress on an existing side project. Additionally you will have gained some amount of discipline and understanding of what it takes to finish a side project and the tools to help keep yourself motivated.

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"The 30-Minute Project: How to improve Your Side Project Game to Become a Better Developer"